About Zak Dirt

Our Values


It is the goal of Zak Dirt to show respect for our fellow employees by recognizing that everyone who works here is important to his or her own family.  We embrace in our heart that our greatest honor is to provide employees an opportunity to do good work and earn a fair wage and benefits in a safe environment, while being a member of a construction legacy that is part of Colorado’s heritage.

Zak Dirt, Inc. has designed a comprehensive safety program that revolves around risk management and hazard recognition.  From our daily safety huddles to jobsite inspections, our program is designed to empower all our employees to keep our jobsites and the traveling public safe.   We believe that with the proper training and tools, we can see current trends and prevent the next accident from happening.  Zak Dirt, Inc. is committed to a culture of safety and responsibility to protect our fellow employees.


Our work, and the way we do it, directly impacts the communities where we live and we’re honored to work with employees who exhibit a high level of integrity and passion. We expect every Zak Dirt employee and subcontractor to demonstrate a commitment to personal and professional integrity and we are proud of the high character individuals who help make our projects a success.

Integrity (“The Zak Way”)

We hold ourselves to a higher standard of accountability and work ethic, driven by a company-wide commitment to integrity. For Zak Dirt employees, integrity means doing what’s right every time; it’s “The Zak Way.”

Eco Responsibility

Zak Dirt’s commitment to environmental responsibility combines both compliance and proactive common sense to ensure a great future for the next generations to come. We also choose to employ strategies and technologies that accelerate schedules, prevent mistakes, control erosion and reduce environmental impacts.


Drawing on deep experience and expertise, Zak Dirt identifies efficiency and quality-driven solutions for project challenges while incorporating new technologies. We are always looking for ways to improve and adapt while evaluating “tried and true” methods against proactive new ideas.

Dedication to Quality

Zak Dirt maintains a strong reputation for success-driven performance across the heavy/highway, civil industry and the general public. Zak Dirt is dedicated to quality – in workmanship, people and results.

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