Scour Bridges #6 Repairs

Zak Dirt, Inc. will install riprap under or around five different bridge sites to repair damage done by the 2013 flooding. The project will also include wetland mitigation, bank stabilization, sheet piling, and miscellaneous structure work.

This project was temporarily placed on hold pending redesign, but is now back under construction.

Location: Boulder and Weld Counties
Owner: CDOT
Contract Amount: $1,900,000.00
Start Date: 10/31/2015
Completion Date: 11/29/2016

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Project Updates:

Riprap protection of the Boulder Creek west stream bank is nearly complete. This is significant both due to quantity of rock installed and also because of three unforeseen utility conflicts that we have had to deal with. We have also installed twelve rootwads and will shortly be installing a soil wrap intended to protect the edge of the creek during revegetation.

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As always, weather or encountering unknown conditions may cause unforeseen delays to the construction schedule. Every effort will be made to inform you and keep you apprised of changes.