McConnell Bridge

Zak Dirt, Inc. is constructing a new bridge over the emergency overflow channel of the St. Vrain River.

Location: Lyons, CO
Owner: Town of Lyons
Start Date: 10/31/2017
Completion Date: 4/29/2018

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Project Updates:

The McConnell bridge is moving forward despite the poor weather we have had this past month. Crews began to set girders with the anticipation of setting 24 on the first day and 12 on the second. Work was shut down early on the first day after only 7 girders were set. The following day, with better weather, crews set the remaining 29 girders. After the girder erection, crews have been pushing forward with the overhang, grouting between girders, keeping snow off the deck and installing the storm sewer line on the South side of the project. We have an anticipated deck pour on Friday, March 2nd.

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Girder erection is complete. Zak is currently working on the bridge deck and storm sewer.

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As always, weather or encountering unknown conditions may cause unforeseen delays to the construction schedule. Every effort will be made to inform you and keep you apprised of changes.