Clear Creek Realignment

Zak Dirt will be re-aligning Clear Creek and constructing brown trout spawning beds, in-stream structures, as well as wetland, and upland planting.

Location: Georgetown, CO
Owner: Colorado Department of Transportation
Start Date: 2/28/2018
Completion Date: 8/30/2018

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Project Updates:

Clear Creek is on hold until mid-July, waiting for water levels to drop.

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This past month at Clear Creek has been an uphill battle to get water flowing down the new creek alignment. Many changes from the original plans have been made to better account for the new creek alignment. Our crew has done a great job communicating with CDOT to ensure they are happy with how the work is being built before moving to the next step. We are now anticipating shifting the creek on April 26th with our substantial completion date staying firm on May 31st.

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This project is located in Georgetown is off to a strong start. Work began the first week of March and ever since, crews have been working nonstop. The new creek alignment excavation is nearly complete and we are getting ready to start installing rip rap, scour protection and bank treatments. We anticipate introducing water to the new alignment by April 13th.”

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As always, weather or encountering unknown conditions may cause unforeseen delays to the construction schedule. Every effort will be made to inform you and keep you apprised of changes.